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Oct 24, 2006

Reaching the 500 mark - the lowdown

With the hit counter reacing 500 anytime now, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the stats pertaining to the last 100 hits ('cause of bleddy freebie limitations - nothins for free in this world!) on this blog. Some interesting info came through...

* Most popular entry was the blog on Gandhigiri with 19.44% of the keyword searches on the word. The effect of the bollywood film industry... what more can I say? (The following 'interesting' keyword searches also linked to my blog :
  • mahela jayawardene's wife's name (i'd like to know that too... she's damn fine);
  • malayalam film song hackers (now how do u hack a song..? lemme know, i'm interested);
  • youtube mens workout from baywatch (huhh!!).

* More than a third of visitors came from South Africa (prolly 'cause of the large SA content); the US and India follow closely behind. Scored a hit from Vietnam (yeah!)

* Google is the top search engine and source of most hits.

* Windows XP rules the OS department with IE6.0 the preferred browser, followed closely by Firefox.

* Sundays seem to score the most hits during the days of the week with a steady rise and decline from Saturday through to Monday (respectively).

* The Madam & Eve blog still scores most of the hits from SA visitiors. Varnachitram and the Kerala Blog roll are also popular entry points (thanks for that!).

* Aravind is still the sole 'comment adi kaaran' (thanx Machu...).

* Anush is still my biggest fan ;)

Till the next 500 hits... KANK!


Thanu said...

Thought I wud give Aravind a little competition .... Congrats on making 500

Pramod said...

Baie dankie! (as they say here in SA...)

Pramod said...
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