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Jan 29, 2008

Travelogue - Bangkok in pics

Its a bit late, but here goes.

I'm posting some pictures from the week in Bangkok, Thailand. A picture speaks a thousand words (...and i'm presently running short of time and words) so "i hope... u.. will.. co-operate..." (chummified look) ;)

The jackfruit seller! I luv jackfruit aka chakka... and it was a while since I had chakka and karikku... That week was probably the most I've eaten of chakka and karikku.. Paradise it was.

Karikku deshelled and ready to consume... Aaaahhh!!

The sign outside the airport...

The statue of the angry warrior (or war God) inside the airport. The expressions of the God was quite... expressive. I was hoping to get a t-shirt with the face, but fellow tourists beat me to it. Che!

The streets of the Chatuchang (not spelt correctly) market - one of the biggest flea markets in the Far East. This market is MASSIVE! We spent a whole morning and bit of the afternoon there. Good fun this place - the bargaining, the stuff to buy, the she-men...

The tuk-tuk. The prime mode of transport in Bangkok (apart from the pink taxis)... The coolest part of the trip to Bangkok was the wheelie our driver did on the way back to the hotel... Most awesome experience ever.

These shop boats are out there to tout tourists. The stuff they are selling is quite expensive by Bangkok standards and its a pre-arrangement between the shop owner and the tour boat operator.
The canal boats that take tourists into the river that runs through Bangkok. From the cruise we could take in sights of the various temples that line the banks of the river.

The view from atop of Watt Po temple. Over the river (from where we came from) is the roofs of the Temple Palace. We had to take the ferry across the river for a small fee.

The Watt Po temple in the night. Pity the picture doesn't really convey the beauty of this majestic temple in the evening.

One of the gold plated idols at the Palace.

The beautiful Palace where the King & Queen reside. It also includes artifacts and weapons museum.

The famous Thai massages. I had 2 sessions of this, a half hr and an hr session. Its not possible to sleep through this (well I can't, but one of my colleagues did) as they keep moving you around and pressing on tension points on the body. The result is a supple and rejuvenated body.

The golden temple area near the Wat Arun temple. Large garden / temple type area with paintings, statues, idols, tourists etc. A great feast for the eyes - esp the different architecture.

The golden temple area again... I did mention its quite big.

Another section of the golden temple area. The gold plated corridors with two dimensional paintings depicting life during the times. The paintings showed activities such as harvests, wars between fellow tribes, prayers to the Gods.

Soo... do pictures say a thousand words...? Debatable.

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