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Mar 30, 2007

Poda 7 (mallu home-video ZA style!)

Check out this home-video made by a few mallu varsity guys here in ZA...

...its a rip-off a local show where the celeb presenter helps out his fans through his influence... he ends off Jerry Springer-style with wise words of wisdom... Hilarious stuff (for the rest of the audience).

The video has become quite a hit amongst us Gen-Y mallus in ZA.

Mar 29, 2007

My CWC has started... again!

The first couple of weeks of the CWC is over. Just when you're thinking the tournament is over (cause your favouritest team fails dismally in the first round), few tight matches between teams made up of players vying for their moment of fame on an oval stadium.

(read: not superheros - just players passionate about making a difference)

The Aus-SA match last weekend was turning into a classic encounter before those external forces (luck, weather, luck) changed the match into a rather tame encounter. I was fortunate enough to catch the action in a customised home entertainment centre at an acquaintance's abode. The feeling of being at the stadium during the run-chase was just exhilirating. The opening batsmen for SA played like real heros, made the Aussies look like Bangladeshi's for the first half of the game. With a bit of luck, perhaps the game would have swung the other way. Luckily, it was just a 'friendly' encounter, nothing lost as yet from both sides. But that run chase!? Wow - reminded me of the young pair from India in that Natwest Series final in England.

The SL-SA match yesterday was another special encounter. Lasith's last couple of overs were just exceptional. That ball after the 4th wicket must have missed the stumps by a molecule...

I hear the BCCI is planning a post-mortem on their team to the WC. I think the board should seriously think about bringing in young fielders into the team who can carry the bat and can bowl their hearts out. Team India needs youth, a risk-loving captain, passionate players, and one exceptional bowler.

Movies to catch if you're not entertained enough...

1. The prestige -
well-scripted, performace-driven movie from the director that gave us Memento. Excellent cast, great art word. Brilliant story. Must see. Caution: requires concentration till the very end!

2. Salaam-e-ishq - yeah, yeah, say wot you want... This typical Bollywood movie was going strong till the 2nd half (is this a typical Indian thing...? Half-jobs..? Hmm...). The sequences between the couples were well interleaved. The 1st half was never dragging. Maybe it was a mood thing..?

3. The last king of Scotland - haven't finished it off yet, but its looking very good. The editing is quite slick - esp. when we see the close-up introduction of Idi Amin for the first time (with his both hands raised in the air).

4. Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd - Watch it if you're in one of those moods were anything slap-stick goes. Highlights include the spectacular scenery of Goa, the welcome change from your typical Bollywood movie, some humorous scenes, and Kay Kay Menon... Oh, almost forgot - the songs from Vishal & Shekher...

5. Prison Break Series 2 - Got the whole of the series till episode 18. It drags a bit in the middle, but finale looks pretty enticing (haven't reached there yet).

6. Udayon - Malayalam film's superhero Mohanlal in another time-pass double role. Jagathi was klassik as the grave-digging half-brother. He had some really klassic dialogues - "Yeda, mulberry monee..."

Mar 26, 2007

Moneyweb's car depreciation table

Its out... Moneyweb's car depreciation table.

Check it and weep! :(

(i'm off course referring to all the SA readers out there... i'm off to buy a Tazz... at least there's something to be made out of it....)

Mar 22, 2007

The cricket world cup... too much passion?

The cricket world cup in the carribean started with great pomp and splendor. I managed to catch pics of the opening ceremony. The West Indian people were all smiles and the tourists peppered throughtout the pictures had wide smiles that spoke lots in anticipation of the biggest tournament in the game.

Almost 2 weeks later, and I'm not sure whether I want to see the outcome. How the gentleman's game has been reduced to a political powerplay where money, corporates and bookies have their say in ensuring an outcome. The poor players and coaches in the middle bear the brunt of the struggle. I am off course alluding to the sad state of cricket that could have lent a hand in the demise of one of the better coaches in the sport.

Disbelief was probably the first emotion that went through me when I read the news on my mobile. I was really hoping Bob Woolmer would one day coach India - and transform the team into a group of gentlemen passionate and disciplined enough to lead the game into new territory (the same way I saw him contribute to South Africa's cricket team).

I've always been a fan of Pakistani cricket. The team is (cliche driven - please excuse) definitely one of the unpredictible teams in world cricket. Good enough to beat any team given the immense skill and talent in the team. Inzi's walk back to the dressing room after going out to Zimbabwe in the last Pakistani game was very moving as he walked past the applause from his teammates and the opposition. I wonder if his tears were from relief...

There's now much speculation that team India's early exit from the tournament could cost a lot of people billions. WTF??!! How does a sport progress if there is influence from all sides... Is the sport being reduced to theatre..? If India does make it against Sri Lanka, how can I, and the millions of other able supporters be sure it wasn't influenced? If they lose, would it lead to burning of effigies and stoning of buildings (ala Dhoni)?

Perhaps all sport passionate nations have these pressures, like the South American teams and their football. Feulling passions is what sport is all about. But controlling it before it reaches dangerous levels is something administrators, councils and sport bodies should seriously concentrate on.

On a lighter note, I was fortunate to watch Herchelle Gibbs' 36 run over live. The newspapers here were filled with pics of his spectacular heriocs. One even asked that he run for president...

Talking about SA politics, here's a cartoon from Madam & Eve... The cartoonists are geniuses...

For the non-SA's out there, the health minister was recently in hospital for some serious surgery (not sure what, the media have kept it under wraps). The National AIDS council chairperson was the one and only JZ (Zuma). And the police commisioner has been recently speculated to have links with the mafia.

Aaah.. only in SA..