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Dec 13, 2007

Death of a blogger?

Its been a while now since the old grey cells pushed toward putting something creative on the www. While there have been a number of solid reasons such like time, impatience, other interests, work etc etc sorta taking precedence over a right-brain work out, its also perhaps another example of how easily a Virgo gets bored with the same automation over a continuous period of time.

So is it another example of an online loss of health? Another loss of a blogger? Is continuity and regularity really a good reason to close down?

Granted, it was with great enthusiasm that this blogger decided to spread some creative flair across the Internet. Perhaps expectations were high, like a Priyadarshan bollywood movie. Maybe reporting in a travelogue format can become tedious, especially since a couple of paragraphs don't really relay the essence of an exciting trip.

So maybe its time to mark down travelogues and move on to other interesting topics. Perhaps this will reawaken the Phoenix (so to speak). Soo... topics... Hmmm...

1. Moments of the week? Hmmm... I've such a bad memory. Its just the interesting parts that reside somewhere behind the cranium, and wield their heads once in a blue moon. No... I'll get stuck. Its a great right-side exercise - but its not meaty enough.

2. Movie reviews? The blog started off in this manner, but it turned out like the travelogue story. A few paragraphs don't convey the complete experience. And more than often, I was tempeted to re-edit a post because it didn't depict an emotion well. Ok, so thats out too...

3. "Sticks & Stones..."? Naa.. negativity get you nowhere. Its distressing reading it over again. So, no.

4. Travelogue? Ok i'll give it a try. Its fun, and the pics help a lot. But how often will travel happen?

5. Humour? :) Its a mood thing. I'm not in the mood.

6. Geek stuff? Interesting, but i'd be conveying other people's comments. And its not like we in ZA are a privileged bunch of people when it comes to the latest in gadgets. Perhaps.



(writer's block)

Ok.. maybe the upcoming holidays will rejuvenate something.

I'll prepare the casket just in case. Ugghhhh!! I mean - coffin.

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