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Feb 15, 2007

The Island

After a bout of deep discussions with single souls about life, wealth and all that exists in between to take that away from you, I despondently came back home and tuned the TV to the national pay-channel and eased precariously on my half-wrecked 'sofa set'.

Just in time to catch Michael Bay's The Island with Ewan Mcgregor (who, incidently, I bumped into in a hotel in Malawi last year), Scarlett Johanssen (pretty as ever) and Sean Bean (I think thats his name) as the antagonist. Its a clever take on the issue of cloning in the 2050s where replacement tissues are 'cultured' in a secret government-backed (so cliche!) initiative to extend the lives of those living in the world. The clones are programmed to believe that their existence in their cozy underground warren was fortunate due to a contamination that happened in the outside world. An Island has been created in another part of the laboratory where a selected few are randomly picked to procreate in a Utopia. The hero challenges the system and his pursuit for freedom and the revelation of the lab forms the progress of the film to its conclusion.

How'd I do so far...? Did I need a spoiler warning..? :)

I felt this film was a major dissapointment, considering the extent that Michael Bay goes to form a movie. The plot was weak, the theme was apparant, and the actors were clinging to strands to make the film work. The characters of... can't remember his name... the giant from The Green Mile... wait... got it! Michael Duncan Clarke (I think) and Djmon (something - too lazy to google it) were wasted. The sets though were quite believable - credit to the art team.

Its a good time passer, but not really a film that can make a mark in filmdom. The opportunity to work on a sensitive theme was wasted, that was the major dissapointment in this film.

I wanna check out the director's next venture... saw a few trailers on tv in Germany. The S-FX look good.

I recommend trying out Hoodwinked. Hilarious, clever and on the ball through out. A must-see for anyone interested in the animation industry. I forsee this industry moving strides in the movie industry.

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Laura said...

im sorry but i disagree. i think the film is brilliant and i think Michael Bay did a great job as usual. The film explores the issue of cloning incredibly well, linking parts of the film to real happenings in the world. I loved the film and i bought it on dvd, it wasn't a waste of time at all.